Fried, Vegan, & Delivered

Who says vegans can’t have fun? At Donut Garden, we believe everyone deserves a donut, which is why we are frying up light and airy plant-based donuts right here in Grand Rapids! Order today to pickup your order this Saturday at Fulton Street Farmers Market. 

The Flavors

CLassic Glazed

Our traditional hand crafted dough fried to golden perfection and coated in a classic glaze

Chocolate Iced

Classic yeast-raised dough topped with creamy chocolate icing


Classic yeast dough topped with maple glaze

Cream filled

Classic dough fried to perfection, filled with thick, dairy-free cream, and topped with chocolate icing

Cinnamon Sugar

Light and airy, yeast donut rolled in a sweet  mixture of cinnamon and sugar

Raspberry Filled

Classic dough, filled with sweet raspberry jam, and rolled in powdered sugar

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar pairs perfectly with our classic yeast dough in this donut


A house favorite! Crunchy rainbow sprinkles and either vanilla or chocolate icing atop our yeast donut

Where To Find Us?

We may not have our own storefront (yet), but that won’t stop you from finding our donuts around town! We fry up our donuts in the downtown market, and sell them at Fulton Street Farmers Market every Saturday! We also love special events; follow our Facebook page or Instagram to see where we will be next. 

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